Day 1: Salt and Camels Enjoy the 3 hour drive from Mekele to Hemedila as you begin to see the lands of Afar unfold before you. You’ll visit the famous salt mines of Dallol and see the camel caravans come in as they bring their loads. The evening will provide a true cultural experience as you camp or stay in an Afar-style hut.

Day 2: Exploring Afar Now we’ll delve deeper into the salt mines and the way of life in Afar. This includes some time at Lake Asalla, a salt lake formed inside of a crater.

Day 3: Into the Depression Today we’ll drive to Erta Ale, or “smoking mountain,” the heart of the Denakil Depression. The active volcano here shows the magma flowing through the earth. The lava lake created by the volcano is the longest-lasting in the world. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Day 4: Denakil, Return to Mekele After spending more time exploring all of the incredible sites at the Depression, we’ll return to Mekele.

This exciting itinerary includes spectacular scenery, visits to spectacular ancient ruins, and the opportunity to mingle with the many different people from across the country.

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