Responsible tourism

Covenant Ethiopia Tours provides tours to northern Ethiopia's historic, cultural, and natural destinations. We have an experienced staff who provide quality service and travel assistance. Our purpose is to provide high quality tour and reservation management with superior customer service at an affordable price.

How we do it?

We will also work towards supporting the local communities to be direct beneficiaries of the tourism industry. To ensure this we hire mainly local guides. Unless unavailable, we purchase products such as food, water, soft papers, etc. from local shops. We also advise travelers to do the same if they shop by themselves.

This exciting itinerary includes spectacular scenery, visits to spectacular ancient ruins, and the opportunity to mingle with the many different people from across the country.

We work hard to support our community
Covenant Tours is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the community.

In addition, we contribute and participate in local initiatives and community works aiming to improve their livelihoods which would have an impact on the individual, family, or at a community level.

FAT CATZ website template
FAT CATZ website template

Covenant Axum Charitable Fund Organization

Covenant Tours is not only about making your experience in Ethiopia and beyond the best it can be, but also about making a lasting impact in the community of Axum. "We started thinking of the children, they don’t have any choice," says Dawit Tesfay, director. The Covenant Axum Charitable Fund Organization seeks to create alternatives for women, children and those affected by HIV/AIDS. Begging is not a sustainable solution – real help must be given.

The sponsorship program

The sponsorship program provides support to almost 150 widows and orphans to help them succeed. This is more than basic needs being met. Community members ensure that children are going to school, everyone is staying healthy and that they are building skills that will last a lifetime. Additionally the Fund has done larger-scale projects, such as building and fully furnishing an elementary school.

The Covenant Axum Charitable Fund Organization understands that it is important to have a hand-in-hand relationship with the government and other workers. CACFO is fully accredited by the Ethiopian Charity Organization. By working with government programs that are already in place, the CACFO ensures that money received can have the greatest influence. After five years of impacting Axum in this way, Dawit says he can’t imagine his life without this work. "This is what really matters," he says.